Circuit Training

Our circuit training combines resistance training with high intensity cardiovascular training. We use training tools like kettle bells, medicine balls, ropes, resistance bands, hurdles, dumbbells, TRX suspension system and agility ladders, Boxing gloves and kick pads. It is great fun and no prior boxing experience is required.

Circuit Training Benefits – Due to the lack of rest that circuit training demands, exercisers maintain elevated heart rates for the entire period of exercise. The combination of weight training and increased cardiovascular effort makes circuit training a beneficial type of cross training. The exerciser gains muscle through the resistance training. The exerciser increases his/her cardiovascular endurance during the slightly elevated heart rate that is maintained in between sets and throughout the overall program. The exerciser burns high amounts of calories during the high exertion periods of his/her sets.

Long Run Benefits – Circuit training is a type of interval training. Interval training is a great way to increase the body’s ability to burn calories when it is at rest. The exerciser’s heart rate goes up very high, returns to a lower, but still elevated, state, and then goes up very high again. At no point during circuit training does the heart rate return to its resting rate.

Circuit training, and interval training overall, increases the amount of oxygen that a person consumes post exercise, and therefore, increases the number of calories that a person burns throughout the day. It can be used to achieve an increase in lean body mass and decrease in weight. In one session, and therefore, exercisers do not need to work out every day.

Print out and fill in the Pre-Exercise Questionnaire prior to your first lesson.