Our Trainers

Kirsten Cox Head Trainer

Kirsten has been in the fitness industry since 2008, where she has been running Influence Fitness. She is a Master Trainer in Certificate III & IV in fitness, qualified through the Australian Institute of Fitness, She is also a qualified TRX Trainer, qualified Punch Fit Boxing Trainer, qualified Kettlebell Instructor, certified in the seniors Strength for Life program & a current Senior First Aider.

Her passion has come from many years of personal experience in the gym and outdoor bootcamp training. Over these years she has competed in numerous body sculpturing competitions and placing 2nd in figure masters 3rd in figure novice. This has led her to become more in tune with her body seeing the results that can happen with discipline and training.

Kirsten has a huge love for training and working hard to improve her fitness and body shape especially after having 2 children. From her work and determination she has developed a passion about sharing her success and knowledge with others. She is very passionate about getting healthy from the inside out and winning the fight against obesity and curing childhood obesity, if we can teach ourselves benefits of eating right and exercising properly we can then pass that on to our children.

Kirsten says “I will work with you in every way to achieve the goals that you have come to me with; together we will Improve your body in every approach from the Inside to the outside and everything in between. If you want to gain muscle, decrease body fat, learn some better eating habits or just improve your positive outlook on life I am here to set realistic goals with you and help you to achieve those goals. You are never too young or too old to train your body to its full potential!”

Tanya Martlow Group Fitness Instructor

Tanya is a qualified Master Trainer Level 1 (Certificate IV in Fitness) with the Australian Institute of Fitness.  In addition, she has qualifications in Strength For Life (Council of the Ageing), EMMA Leader Level 1 (Active Ageing), Better Balance (Council of the Ageing), Punchfit Trainer Level 1 with further training to instruct Fit Ball, TRX and Kettleball and is currently First Aid and CPR trained. 

Tanya has been a participant in the fitness industry for many years, she has over 35 years’ prior experience in the health and community service sector.  Tanya enjoys keeping fit and has been a long-term member of Influence Fitness.  She is very passionate about the health and wellbeing of others and strives to inspire and motivate those around her.

While Tanya enjoys working with people of all ages she has a particularly strong interest in keeping older adults active and her main focus at Influence Fitness is running the Strength For Life over 50s classes.

Tanya’s favourite quote:

“If you don’t make time for your WELLNESS you will be forced to make time for your ILLNESS”