- Progressive Krav Maga,


Australia’s most rapidly expanding Krav Maga system, now with 35 registered Black Belt Instructors Australia wide, was developed by the founders of the Progressive family and draws on their combined 45 years’ experience in the gym and on the street. Designed for the unique Australian environment it is a fast-paced fat burning workout that will leave you exhausted, pumped and in possession of a highly practical self-defence skill set.

The Progressive Krav Maga System is on the cutting edge of Australian Martial Arts today and we pride ourselves on excellence.  Whether you’re interested in fitness, health and weight loss, competitive fighting, self-defence or our children’s development programs. Our team of highly qualified Black Belt Instructors can help you reach your goals. It doesn’t matter to us whether you are preparing for a national title or trying to drop a few kilos for your wedding along with gaining skills in the process. Success is what we do.

- Krav Kickboxing Youth Program


New Classes commence Monday 30 January 2017. Krav Kickboxing is an exciting, high energy sports program developing discipline, physical fitness, co-ordination and strong self-defence skills. Delivering a core program of combat sports skills and street defensive tactics, it provides young players with a no nonsense grounding in both striking (Muay Thai, Boxing, Krav Maga) and grappling (Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Russian Sambo, Judo) and is designed to build strong skill sets in preparation for the sporting competitive arena (Kickboxing/MMA) as well as the real-life situations we all hope our loved ones never face.

Krav Kickboxing is ideal for girls and boys with class age groups set at 5-8 years, 9-12 years and 13 to 16 years. All of our senior Instructional team promote responsible behaviour and appropriate use of practical skills. Located in North Eastern suburbs of St Agnes, 2 mins from Tea Tree Plaza, The Influence fitness & Defence Centre is a independent training gym that will most certainly impress. Discounts are offered for second and third children and places are limited.

For enrolments or further information please contact

Head Instructor Greg Cox.
Progressive Krav Maga – 2nd Degree Instructor
Muay Thai –3rd Degree Black Singlet
Zen Do Kai Karate - Black Belt.
2015 Masters Boxing National Silver Medallist

Greg Cox has been practicing Martial arts from the age of 12 then progressing to kickboxing in his late teens early 20s. In his mid-20s to early 30s went onto boxing. After starting a young family Greg made his way into Original Boot Camp adapting quickly to the intensity & discipline of this. Seeing the importance of Self Defence for a family environment he then found his way to MMA/Zen Do Kai free style karate. While keeping the intensity going from boot camp he also trained in Muay Thai/ kickboxing along the way and later competed in boxing. Though using these as ways to also stay fit he was soon to come across Krav Maga noticing this as one of the most efficient & functional street survival defence disciplines today. Seeing this as not just a Self-defence but a Family-defence system Greg continues to follow this path & endures to move forward with an open mind continuously progressing to adapt to today’s ever changing society.

Greg provides personal martial arts coaching in a one on one or small private group environment tailored to the student’s request. Whether improving your kickboxing skills or learning street self-defence concepts and tactics, personal lessons are suitable from beginner to advanced.

Private Coaching Session $80/1hr
Private Coaching session for pairs $120/1hr
Corporate Group Session by arrangement.