Progressive Krav Maga

Australia’s most rapidly expanding Krav Maga system, Australia wide, was developed by the founders of the Progressive family and draws on their combined years of experience in the dojo and on the street. Designed for the unique Australian environment it is a fast-paced fat burning workout that will get you fit, pumped and in possession of a highly practical self-defence skill set.

The Progressive Krav Maga System is on the cutting edge of Australian Martial Arts today and we pride ourselves on excellence.  Whether you’re interested in fitness, health and weight loss, competitive fighting, self-defence or our children’s development programs. Our team of highly qualified Black Belt Instructors can help you reach your goals. It doesn’t matter to us whether you are preparing for a national title or trying to drop a few kilos along with gaining skills in the process.

Your Progression Is Our Goal !

Print out and fill in the Training Liability Waiver & bring in prior to your first lesson.