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At INFLUENCE Fitness we believe that a positive INFLUENCE is a great start to achieving all your fitness goals. We offer a guiding hand to keep you motivated, working hard and working to the best of your ability. We offer group training, one on one personal training, small group training sessions. Our sessions are run during the day and evenings.

With guidance and encouragement you will then in turn INFLUENCE someone else in need of inspiration! So what are waiting for??? Call now for your first Free session.

How do I join? It's easy! Just contact us with your name, contact details and the session time you are interested in. We will respond to you within hours and book you in for the first available session. Absolutely free

We have a range of Membership options designed to meet your needs..

Why Us?

Have you been thinking about joining a new fitness centre? Why not try a small independently owned and operated studio/gym that is run by the owners. We are a combination of small group Personal training classes, one on one personal training, kid’s self-defence, and Adults Mixed Martial arts and kick boxing. Most gyms you are left to your own devices if you aren't a self-motivated person the gym membership usually goes unused. We offer classes that are like small personal training sessions at an affordable price. We also offer one on one training for the person who likes to be pushed. Fitness and Martial Arts

So don't delay contact us now - 0414397213 Kirsten or 0418849309 Greg

Our Trainers


Kirsten is a Master Trainer in certificate III & IV in fitness, qualified through the Australian Institute of Fitness, She Is also a senior first aider TRX trainer, qualified boxing trainer and kettlebell instructor. Her passion has come from many years of personal experience in the gym and outdoor bootcamp training. In the last 2 years, her passion for training has taken a new turn and she has found a love for bodybuilding. Having competed in two competitions and placing 3rd in figure novice and 2nd in figure masters. This has led her to become more in tune with her body seeing the results that can happen with discipline and training.

Kirsten has been in the fitness industry since 2008, where she has been running Influence Fitness, 18 months previously to that she was working to strengthen women and improve their health and wellbeing at Curves Gyms. Her passion has come from many years of personal experience in the gym and outdoor bootcamp training.

Kirsten has a huge love for training and working hard to improve her fitness and body shape especially after having 2 children. From her work and determination she has developed a passion about sharing her success and knowledge with others. She is very passionate about getting healthy from the inside out and winning the fight against obesity and curing childhood obesity, if we can't teach ourselves benefits of eating right and exercising properly what hope do our children have.

Kirsten says “I will work with you in every way to achieve the goals that you have come to me with; together we will Improve your body in every approach from the Inside to the outside and everything in between. If you want to gain muscle, decrease body fat, learn some better eating habits or just improve your positive outlook on life I am here to set realistic goals with you and help you to achieve those goals. You are never too old or too young to train your body to its full potential!”

Pilates Instructor - Personal Trainer - Group Fitness Instructor - Mums and Bubs Fitness instructor.

Hi my name and Jade and I’ve been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 2008. I have worked in many gyms over the years teaching and training all different clients and classes. Now being a new mum my body has changed and I’m constantly learning new things about myself and discovering new exercise techniques. I studied Pilates and became a Pilates instructor in 2009. Along with Pilates keeping healthy and exercising has always been my passion. I love instructing classes and teaching clients how to exercise and love watching their fitness improve and bodies change. Hope to see you in my classes soon

self Defence, Krav Maga & Muay Thai Instructor, Functional Training, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Greg Cox has been practicing Martial arts from the age of 12 then progressing to kickboxing in his late teens early 20s. In his mid-20s to early 30s went onto boxing. After starting a young family Greg made his way into Original Boot Camp adapting quickly to the intensity & discipline of this. Seeing the importance of Self Defence for a family environment he then found his way to MMA/Zen Do Kai free style karate. While keeping the intensity going from boot camp he also trained in Muay Thai / Kickboxing along the way and later competed in boxing. Though using these as ways to also stay fit he was soon to come across Krav Maga noticing this as one of the most efficient & functional street survival defence disciplines today. Seeing this as not just a Self-defence but a Family-defence system Greg continues to follow this path & endures to move forward with an open mind continuously progressing to adapt to today’s ever changing society.